10 things you will experience in the campus life at VIT

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College life is the best time a student has in what is claimed to be hid student life. It is during this time usually a truly protected and nurtured child gets his first exposure of the world and takes the first step to be a full grown adult. College life is memorable as it is a phase of immense learning, be it academically, emotionally or philosophically. Bonds forged during this time of the life are likely to last forever. This time gives us experience which would get us through at various moments later in life, not to mention the education which would help us get jobs and build our careers in life. College life gets all the more important when we talk about professional courses like engineering, MBA etc. While choosing a college a student does look for, what the college has to offer in terms of college life, education, campus placement etc. engineering colleges like the IITs, NITs, BITS, VIT university and a few others are known for their college life.

VIT University or Vellore Institute of Technology is one of the top colleges in the country. The college has its own entrance examination which is known as VITEEE, this entrance exam is for those who are looking forward to pursue courses in one of the top most engineering college in India, you can visit this site to know more about the exam. It is a private institution which is rumoured to have an excellent college life to offer. We here are going to bring you the key points about the college life at VIT University.

The college has a 250 acres campus which is divided by the Bangalore- Chennai railway line. This divides the campus into as the academic campus and the girls’ hostel lie to the southern side of the line and the north side houses the men’s hostel and the stadium. The campus has its own water supply and emergency power backup plant along with shopping complex and restraints to cater to the needs of its students. The major points about college life at VIT are:

  1. College has two international level fests Gravitas and Rivera to offer much to students. These are the most awaited events for the students studying there.
  2. There are many clubs which offer many things from sports to dance, literary, music, debate etc. There are also technical societies to keep various engineering oriented mind at peace.
  3. The university ha fabulous international connections and if someone wants to do something in terms of technical research or project the university has many projects to offer from various partner universities.
  4. To all the gamers out there VIT ha a culture of all night gaming and there are platforms created by students for gaming and many server oriented games are like COD, counter strike etc. are played here.

Going through all these do not get a notion that the college or rather the university is all good and heavenly and you have to go out there and you’ll just have the college life of your dreams.

  1. The college has a very strict policy of attendance and failing to maintain attendance at college will get you debarred from the examination which is final and confirm. The college authorities are really stringent regarding this rule and they offer no relaxation whatsoever other than a valid medical certificate that too in very rare cases. Not only the classes the hostels have biometric attendance failing to make to that will get you a whole new set of problems.
  2. Projects are submitted online and when everyone goes cut or copy- paste there this option is just not viable as the moment your project matches with someone’s project it gets rejected.
  3. The academic life at VIT is really tough and there are a lot of exams throughout the year which really gets the student frustrated.
  4. Basically in engineering there is a saying that these guys start at 12 in the night and that is the time when college shuts off its Wi- Fi at 12:30 a.m.
  5. Getting an AC room at VIT is really tough and you can get one only if you are a topper or Friends with topper.
  6. The most irritating thing is the leave approve when any guy going out has to get a leave approved by the proctor which is a very big nuisance if there is an emergency or someone has to make haste.

Other than these there are few other things like there is not very much social life at Vellore and in cases of girls these rules get more stringent and there is a lot of discrimination. The only good thing the students hope for after all this is the placement letter which most of them get at the end of their course.